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For consistent progress, it is important to have a daily English study routine. It helps you to study systematically and in the correct way. You get more exposed to the English language and every opportunity that comes with it. 

Did you know that you do not just learn English through books, but you also do it by listening to the radio, by watching the news, TV shows, and whatnot! You keep learning if you are around people who speak English or even if you are in an English-speaking region. 

If you are dedicatedly learning the English language, you could take out some time from your day and can learn new phrases, memorize and understand the vocabulary words and try making new sentences of your own, try learning new grammar rules, etc.

Here are some key points that will help you to know as to what shall you include in your daily English routine:

  • Learn and understand a new word every 10 minutes of your study time.
  • Not just this, try understanding the basic idea of what they mean.
  • Try making new and several sentences of the new words that you learn.
  • Don’t by-heart any context, instead, try to understand and summarize it.
  • Try doing vocabulary word exercise by grabbing a pen and paper; write 4 such sentences of the new word that you had learned yesterday. Later, check whether the meaning is correct or not. Try rectifying your mistakes (if any).
  • Jot down synonyms of the word that you just learned. Try jotting down as many synonyms as you can.
  • Learn and understand a new phrase every 7 minutes and it is equally important as any single new word that you learn. 
  • After doing this, try doing an exercise about the phrase that you have learned. Try making sentences from the same phrase and check whether it is correct or not.
  • Try learning Grammar tense or rule in a day and see to it that you complete every aspect of that one rule or the tense. Right from understanding it to examples.
  • Once done that, try making sentences using that rule.
  • Read at least one English blog or an article on daily basis, or even a page from the magazine.

There you go! These were some quick and easy things that you can include in your daily English routine.

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