Literary Genre and 3 types of literary genre

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literary genre

Literary Genre and 3 types of literary genre

Literary Genre, in Literature means a category of a story which can even be called as the theme or the domain of the story. Every writing piece that falls under literature, also falls under a specific category, which we call as genre or literary genre. Each genre has its distinctive style in which they are written which is unmatchable from any other genre.

Literary Genre has 3 main types which can further be broken down into sub-genres for each of them. The 3 main types of literary genre are prose, poetry and drama. Every movie, music has its own genre – its own theme on which the story is based upon. This attractiveness or the level of captivity of each genre gets a viewer engrossed. This is why many of us have our favorite movie genres like horror, comedy, drama, fiction, musical, etc.

The 3 types of literary genre are:


Poetry is a genre that consists and is composed of rhymes (not compulsory), verses, and it has a composition. Poetry uses a musical and a creative language to evoke an emotion form the readers and get them engrossed in reading the poetry. There are two types of poetry, one which is lyric and the other one is narrative which have additional levels on each of them. Poetry can either be fiction or non-fiction.


Unlike poetry, a prose does not consist verses and stanzas but it has a flow of text and what the author has to tell the readers. Unlike poetry, a prose does not have a rhythm or a tune as it is commonly found in poetry, but it consists of grammatical structure and has a flow of conversation. Prose can either be fiction or non-fiction too.


Drama is a play that is created for stage presentation specifically for the stage audience. The subgenres of drama are comedy, farce, melodrama and tragedy. There are some drama pieces that are written in the context of a poetry or a prose, but it actually depends on how the author is creating and developing the drama piece. Drama can also be fiction or non-fiction.

The above mentioned are the 3 types of literary genre. Have you come across any of them?

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