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Did you know that to have a conversation like a native English speaker, you don’t have to remember every single word?

Also, did you know that English dictionaries have over 3,00,000 words excluding the ones that are created daily?

It is very simple to understand that in order to converse like a native English speaker, you need to have a strong vocabulary. Know that learning English and building a strong vocabulary takes time and it cannot happen in a single day. You can approach the advanced vocabulary only when you have learned the basic ones that make your progress easier.

The question arises that where should you begin from and what words should you actually learn in order to converse like a native English speaker.

Let us head on with our topic and know the basics of English conversations. 

First, you will have to learn some basic English words and you will have to consider it as a starting point. The next thing you would want to focus is on English Grammar. After this you would want to know what are phrases and how do they work. A phrase is not actually a complete sentence but they do have strong meanings. The next important aspect where you need to lay your focus is on English idioms. An idiom is nothing but a group of words that have an expression.

You have the liberty to practice English vocabulary through online quizzes and they can even match and suit your learning skills. As you keep progressing and improving, you can even increase the difficulty level to challenge yourself. With this, you will know how much you have understood. The best thing about learning through online quizzes is that you will be given your result once you are done with the quiz that will help you understand how much you have improved or do you need to focus on your areas of improvement. 

Another best way to know how to converse with native English speakers is by having actual conversations with them. By doing so, you will be exposed to new words and vocabulary. You can also encourage your native English partner to use new and different words and phrases. These tips will allow you to practice more and more vocabulary and you could interestingly learn English.

The above mentioned were some basic ways through which you can prepare yourself and know some basic details on how to approach while speaking with a native English speaker.