Why is the Talk Now App different?

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Why is the Talk Now App different?

The Talk Now app is one of a kind and it is different as it provides a platform to its users to practice the English language with their choice of topics and preference.

We are living in an era where the English language is of utmost importance and learning English is of utmost importance to survive in the corporate world or any other world. Not just this, it also is an add-on to your learning capabilities.

Learning regional languages is good too, but the English language sets the bar high. Not just about Business, but English learning has its own perks and benefits for an individual and also to the ones around them. With learning and daily practice, you get better and better and you build confidence within yourself.

English is such a language that is used worldwide; it is the most common language in the globe. People use the English language in their daily conversations. It is used to exchange thoughts and ideas. It builds relationships between people and countries.

There are mainly 2 styles in the English language, the first is formal and another type is informal. Formal is majorly in professional situations when you are talking with your colleagues; it is used widely in the workplace. On the other hand, informal conversation happens in our day-to-day lives; the way we talk with our friends and families is the kind of informal talk. You don’t need to be highly serious when you are having an informal talk.

The second most important thing while learning English is to get your hands-on practice in all the sectors which include reading, writing, listening, and speaking. You can be a professional English learner when you are learning all these four types. With the absence of any one of these, you cannot get a hold of the language; it will remain incomplete. Just like you need to read for writing and need to hear for speaking or vice versa. All these four sectors are very important aspects included in learning the language.

With the Talk Now App, you enter into a new world which helps you to get ready for the outer world. With this app, you can have a daily practice of the English language thus gearing yourself not just for the outer world but also for you. In the beginning, when you log in through your Google account into the app, you have a few options of preference.

Preferences are different sections to talk about. It includes general topics, movies, travel, and books. From the given preferences, you have the liberty to choose as per your choice of interest and begin practicing in that section itself.

The unique part about the Talk Now App is that you don’t have to learn the language through any teacher or professor, but you need to have daily conversations with the contacts you’ve added in the app. You need to add friends/users and you can call or chat with them. This makes your practice on the go. If your partner does not talk to you appropriately or is talking to you in abusive language, you can even unfriend and block them from your list of contacts.

You also get regular notifications from the app to begin practice. With your choice of preference, you get more interested in sharing thoughts and conversations regarding a particular topic which in turn helps you to practice more and get a grip of the English language.

The best thing about the app is that you don’t require to pay anything unless you want to go premium. The app is free to use with easy goings. Secondly, you get daily reminders through notifications that you can practice at the time you prefer.

You also have the chance to improve your English in your comfort zone. Talk Now App is the one-stop for the people who dearly want to learn the English language and get a hold of it.