How can a user improve English by Talk Now App?

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How can a user improve English by Talk Now App?

Talk Now app that is built for English learners in order to improve their English language skills.

We all know how important is the English language is to all of us and why we get so pressured to learn the language. Well, there are many reasons to back this up, but main reasons are communication building, network, socialising, etc.

The English language is said to be the most common language in the world. Majority of the people converse in English language and people continue to do so. Since our childhood days, we have been taught to speak in English and in English only. That was just to make us perfect in English speaking, writing, reading, and listening. It was compulsory to speak in English in schools. Said that, here are some facts to blow your mind:English is the most spoken language in the World. 53 countries have named English as their official language.

Globally, about 400 million people use English as their first language. It is also the most common second language in the world.

English is a language of England and since they started building colonies, the language started to spread and began to gain worldwide acceptance. English language helps in building Business and trade within the nation and outside the nation too.

For India, English language helps in building political, social and diplomatic relations with international countries. Not just this, for an individual, English language helps in improving their personality and they get more chances of job opportunities.

Also, to study abroad and get more qualifications, English language is mandatory. It gets difficult to cope up with international countries if an individual does not know the language. Learning the English language can be difficult for many of us who do not have an English background. But, you need to get through it and for this, being consistent in learning, dedication to adapt and having the willingness to learn are the main key aspects you need to focus on.

“Talk Now” is one such app that helps you learn and practice English language daily and you get daily notifications to practice the Language.

Here is how the app works;

With Talk Now App, a user can have a good hold of the English language by practising it daily with their choice of preference. Preferences are nothing but different sections of interest where the user and their partner can talk on common grounds.

Preferences in the app include general talks, movies, travel, and books. These are common topics on which people like to talk about. Note that, if you have chosen ‘books’ as your preference, your contact list in the app will get updated which will include only those users who are also interested in the ‘books’ section. With this you can add your friends and other users with the same interest of topics and can have a common ground to talk on.

The user can choose preferences like general talk, book lover, travel, etc. which will help in generating interest between the user and their partner. Interest in a particular topic would build excitement to talk more and thus would make a good practice.

Talk Now App also gives you the platform to talk on calls or on chats. But for this, you have to make sure that you have been added by your partner too. Or else, you will be unable to build contact with that person.Here is how you can know more about the app, watch this YouTube video, “

Either way, your English will improve. Not just this, you will receive regular notifications to start your practice which ensures that you are dedicated to learning the language and you are working on improving it. While you are building your conversation with your partner, make sure that you don’t use abusive, offensive or slang languages in your conversations. Also try to have a healthy and light conversation. If you witness that your partner is talking to you in an inappropriate manner, you have full rights to unfriend and block that person.

With this, the Talk Now app helps you in building your language through healthy means and it makes sure that what stays in the app, stays in the app! If at all you want to delete your account, you just have to delete the app from your device and you don’t have to worry for your data to be stored; because it doesn’t gets stored in the app. If you wish to “Talk English and Walk English”, Talk Now App has got your back.