A dialogue between two friends about their habits of study

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dialogue between two friends about their habits of study

A dialogue between two friends about their habits of study

Overview: In this post, let us look at a dialogue between two friends about their habits of study. Each student has a different type of pattern to study, to allocate their time to study, and their choices; if they can focus more on studying alone or if they can focus more while studying in groups, whether with friends or study groups.

It does not matter how you study unless you are determined to study with full concentration, and focus and are understanding the concepts very well. The ultimate goal while studying is always to understand the material better and better while strengthening the core concepts. Ultimately, having a better study schedule and habit ensures that you understand well and write the best answers in your examinations.

Now, let us look at a dialogue between two friends about their studying habits.

Dialogue between two friends about their habits of studying

Friend 1: Hey, how far have you reached with the syllabus?

Friend 2: Oh, don’t ask. All my friends in the study group don’t want to come together to study for the exams.

Friend 1: Are they aware that the exams are starting next month? And these are final exams?

Friend 2: Yes, they are aware of it.

Friend 1: So, what are you going to do now?

Friend 2: I have no idea. By the way, how far have you reached with the syllabus?

Friend 1: Umm…nothing much. I have started solving some question papers and I am following my studying pattern. That’s it!

Friend 2: That’s not it. At least you have started studying. I haven’t even taken a look at the books.

Friend 1: Oh, then why don’t you study alone? Did you know that you can actually study much better and with full concentration while you study alone?

Friend 2: How is that? I have always studied with my study group.

Friend 1: Yes, I know that. But, now that they are not bothered to study in a group, at least you can start studying something and see if you are improving your way to study. The least you can do is give it a try. There is no harm in it!

Friend 2: Yes, that is true. But, I don’t know how to begin.

Friend 1: Don’t worry. I’ll tell you. First, you have to do is choose a quiet place where there is no disturbance, and there is good sunlight.

Friend 2: What does sunlight have to do with it? Hahaha…

Friend 1: Oh it is important to set a mood for studying if you wish to study for long. Only then you will feel like studying and you will concentrate on it.

Friend 2: Oh, I never heard of that. Okay, go on.

Friend 1: Okay, then you have to set up your study table, and keep it clean and decluttered all the time. This is because you will feel fresh all the time when you see your clean table.

Friend 2: That makes sense.

Friend 1: Next, you make notes of all the important topics and sentences you come around, Make bullet points of them and make a separate notebook to revise from it the moment before giving exams.

Friend 2: My God, you have it all sorted.

Friend 1: Thanks! Next, one of the important things to keep in mind is that take a 5-minute break every 2o minutes, and don’t study for hours and hours continuously. Otherwise, you will bore yourself and you will feel lazy to go back to your table.

Friend 2: Alright. What’s next? Is there anything I can do to relax my mind throughout the studying process?

Friend 1: Of course there is. You can take a walk outside, or you can read a book, or cook some snacks. But try not to browse through your phone. Use your phone only after you have finished studying for the day or when you are having your lunch or dinner.

Friend 2: That’s good. I like this idea. But, tell me one thing so that I can believe in your studying habit and start practicing them.

Friend 1: Sure, ask anything.

Friend 2: What improvement have you seen in your studying style? Is it good grades, or understanding the concepts much better or what?

Friend 1: Yes, I have seen a lot of improvement. Definitely, my grades have shot up, and having this studying habit is like setting up a daily routine and timetable for myself. I am concentrating more, and the best part is that I am only dependent on myself to study.

Friend 2: How is that? What if you find a topic that is difficult?

Friend 1: As I said, I make my own notes and I make them in simple language. So I don’t have to panic before giving exams. I can just brush up on my notes.

Friend 2: Okay, and?

Friend 1: And, my routine allows me perfect time slots to study, relax, browse through my phone or YouTube or take walks to relax my mind.

Friend 2: But, is it okay if I choose just the mornings for myself? I don’t like to study in the morning.

Friend 1: Yes, it is okay. It is important to choose a particular time slot to study when you feel like studying. Otherwise, it won’t make any sense to study when you just don’t feel like it.

Friend 2: Yes, it will be a waste of time then!

Friend 1: Exactly. So, what do you say?

Friend 2: Your studying habit sounds good. I will give it a try from today itself!

Friend 1: That’s amazing!

Friend 2: Thanks buddy!

Friend 1: Anytime!


‘Allocate’ – To allocate means to ‘assign’ or ‘dedicate’.

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