Sample conversation on how can you ace the interview

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Sample conversation on how can you ace the interview

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Good English conversation and good sentence structure will take you one step ahead in excelling in your interview. 

Sam: Good morning, sir. I am Sam D’souza and I have applied to your esteemed company for the role of a content writer.

Interviewer: Hello Sam, it’s good to meet you. So, I have been going through your resume, and do tell me something about yourself.

Sam: Absolutely Sir! I have been doing content writing for the past 4 years and I have pretty good experience in it. I have been writing for news agencies, technical writing, and academic writing too. 

Interviewer: That seems to be good. We are looking for someone who would adapt to the changing situations and would be flexible with ideas too.

Sam: That sounds perfect to me. I can fulfill the requirements.

Interviewer: Amazing. What would your strengths be for this role?

Sam: Yes, I do have strengths but I have some weaknesses too and I would improve them for sure. As my strengths are concerned, I like to start my work at the stated time, not early or late. I make sure to complete my work in the stipulated time period, I am very serious about my deadlines. 

Interviewer: And what would your weakness be?

Sam: I will not abide by every rule of the company. The reason is that situations change and rules change too. Some situations may require a rigid rule but some might not. I will be flexible with the ideas and creativity but not with the rules. So, if you are looking for a person who would do nothing out of the box and would strictly adhere to the rules, then I’m afraid I might not be the right person for this role. But if you are looking for a creative and flexible person, then I think I am suitable for this role.

Interviewer: Alright sam, it was good speaking to you! We will come back to you in some time. Please wait till then!

Sam: Alright Sir, it was good speaking to you too! Have a good day!

So, this was a sample conversation and an interview related to how you must talk during the interviews and what type of conversation will help you in getting the job.

Note: The name and the role mentioned in the post are fictional.