Short conversation between mother and daughter about studies in abroad

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Short conversation between mother and daughter

Short conversation between mother and daughter about studies in abroad

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a short conversation between mother and daughter wherein they both talk about studying in a different country and also having a change in lifestyle. In this conversation, the mother and daughter talk about living independently and also pursuing studies side by side.

A short conversation between mother and daughter

Daughter: Mom, do you think that staying abroad has much better benefits, and is it good to stay abroad and study there?

Mother: Living abroad has its benefits but it has some challenges too. Why do you ask?

Daughter: A thought of studying abroad just drifted into my mind just now and I was thinking about how would it be to study in a place that you don’t know, live among the people that you don’t know, and adapt to a lifestyle that you haven’t heard or have experienced before.

Mother: Well, that is the beauty of living by yourself and exploring yourself, exploring places, and living your life in those moments. But there are a few tough challenges!

Daughter: What could they be?

Mother: It is not easy to get admitted into a good and reputed college. It is twice as difficult as it is here! And you will have to stay alone, there won’t be a feeling of safety even though the people over there are good, but they will still be strangers! But you will have to turn these difficulties into your strong points!

Daughter: Okay, with what you have said just now, what do you think, shall I study abroad?

Mother: Oh you must.

Daughter: Why do you think so?

Mother: Because it is not just about studying, but once you go abroad, you will learn a lot of things that are just impossible to know here.

Daughter: What will I learn there?

Mother: Studying abroad and gaining fresh experiences will give you more exposure to life. You get to live all by yourself. It is not just you. In fact, there are so many students who go abroad every year, they give these exams called IELTS or TOEFL, these exams are mandatory in a few English-speaking countries.

Daughter: This is how they prepare to study abroad?

Mother: Yes, darling! You can get your daily English practice sessions through the Talk Now App too!

Daughter: Yes Mom, I have heard about this app too. Many students in my class are also using this app!

Mother: That’s right! Do you want to know more about the challenges you will face while studying abroad?

Daughter: And what are those?

Mother: Over here, you have me and your family, you are very well aware of this place and moreover, you have contacts over here. But over there, you will have a fresh start, a new life.

Daughter: Oh, that will be a challenge!

Mother: Definitely! You will have to begin living again, go through the struggles of finding a part-time job and managing your studies side by side and have some time for yourself too!

Daughter: Will you support me in all of this?

Mother: Of course, I will, darling!

Daughter: Okay then, I’ll speak to Dad in the evening once he is back from work.

Mother: He will agree too! Don’t worry!


IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System

TOEFL stands for Test OF English as a Foreign Language

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