3 ways to improve your speaking power

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3 ways to improve your speaking power

To improve English speaking has to be in everyone’s books these days and we know how important the English language is, right from schools, home to college, and professions. 

At times it becomes difficult to improve and speak the right word even though you are a process English speaker or you are very well versed with Grammar, sometimes the words just don’t come out of your mouth.

If you have been coming across this issue for a while, you might have to focus more to improve your English. You might know the language very well but you are just in need of more confidence. You will not have to be afraid of what you speak and how you speak. Accept your mistakes, rectify them, work on them, improve them and just move on!

You can improve your English language and can become more confident by working on your pronunciation.

Try talking more daily and not just with people or your friends, but also with yourself. If you have a favorite movie or TV show, summarize some scenes and enact it with yourself in front of the mirror. It will be a fun exercise wherein you will not just be interested and excited but you will also learn more about pronunciation, dialogues, speaking, and different forms of communication. This, you will improve your English speaking.

The second thing you would want to focus on is to improve and focus on your fluency. Fluency is nothing but how well you can speak without stopping in between, without any hesitation.

The next thing you would want to focus on is learning new words every day. Thus will not just make you expand your vocabulary horizons but learning new words will make you feel more confident and smart. The more you know about words, the more you can use them in your daily conversations.

Don’t stop practicing. It is said that practice makes perfect and it is very much true in the case of language learning. Stage speakers and public speakers practice a hundred times before they speak anything just to build their confidence and to speak up the right words while being fluent at the same time.

Of Course, you can practice new English words, learn new grammar rules, build your vocabulary, learn about sentence structure, and much more but you will also have to pay attention to improvising yourself and your language. Obviously, you will not byheart all your responses, you will have to come up with it on the spot. To achieve this, you will have to improvise your answers and responses.

Speak with yourself for two minutes every day. You can talk about your day, what was the exciting part, what was the sad part and the happiest one. What is it that makes you curious and builds excitement for the next day or what are you going to have for lunch tomorrow? What new things are you going to achieve tomorrow? 

You might fall short of questions but you know how your day went and everything related to the same. Then why not talk with yourself, try to motivate yourself. 

Doing these things might seem to be random and irrelevant, but by doing this you will notice an improvement in your English language if you are dedicated to improving the same! Don’t forget to practice and don’t let your motivation down. You know you will have bad days and good days. Bad ones are opportunities to make things good and rectify them, and good ones are to appreciate yourself and what you do!

Try to be consistent with learning the English language as it will widen your opportunities for quite literally anything and everything. Don’t lose hope!