5 poetry writing techniques

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poetry writing techniques

5 poetry writing techniques

In this post, we will take a look at 5 poetry writing techniques, how the best poets write a compelling as well as beautiful poetries. It is all about the English poetry writing techniques that bring out the essence of a poetry.

But first,

What is poetry?

A poetry is an art form. It is a beautiful combination of words, feelings, emotions, memories and also view points of the poets that connects the readers. A poetry stands as strong and beautiful only if the readers connect and understand what the poet is trying to say.

For example, when you are reading a poetry that talks about love and romance, you start thinking in the same way as the author is thinking. Somehow, the author makes you walk in the same path and makes you feel beautiful and lovely. That is the power of a poetry.

Coming back to our main topic,

What are the 5 poetry writing techniques?


When a word or a sentence is repeated to bring out poetic effect, drama or to focus at a certain point in the poem, we call it Repetition. Poets use this poetry writing technique to make the poetry a fun-reading experience and to make it more attractive as well as interesting.


Onomatopoeia – pronounced as ‘Ono-mato-peya’. The word is broken into three parts to make it simple and easy to pronounce. Onomatopoeia is a very common technique used by the poets to enhance the poetic effect. It is any word that expresses sound – like boom, crash, bam, plop, etc. Using this technique, the readers actually get engrossed in the poetry and they read these words with the sound it creates.


Hyperbole – pronounced as ‘Hy-per-blee’. Again, we break this sentence into three parts to make it easy and simple to pronounce. Hyperbole is when poets exaggerate a particular sentence in a text. Hyperbole is among the most common type of technique used by the poets to make a particular emotion, feeling, situation sound it more humorous, or to create an emphasis on the same.


Symbolism happens when you link a particular thing with something, you connect an object or a thing with something else. For example, white color is often associated with peace, and dogs are associated with happiness, etc.


One of the most powerful and the most common technique that the poets use is that of rhyme. It is one of the most obvious poetry writing technique as it gives a poetic flow to the text. However, it is important to know that not every poetry will have a rhyme, some just have a free verse and are not restricted to rhymes. It depends on the poet to use its choice of rhyme as there are many rhyming schemes that can be used.

Now that you know the 5 poetry writing techniques, how many techniques have you come across?

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