3+ways to learn modern English and sound cool!

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modern english

3+ways to learn modern English and sound cool!

Everybody wants to learn modern English and sound cool and smart. 

Modern English is something that you will not find in your English textbooks and notebooks. 

Moreover, you may find it in TV shows, audiobooks, and even in American series and dramas. What makes modern English different is not its words, but its sentence structure and the way it is told. You can watch various videos over the net and even on YouTube. Apart from watching videos, you may read articles that are hilarious and are light-hearted. 

Try reading articles that are fun to read and that relate to the modern world. The English language used in these articles will be casual and not so formal. The writers in these kinds of books will pay attention to the sounds and phrasing, thus making the articles more interesting to read and make the reader engaged in them.

You may also visit websites that provide you with articles that discuss the most common topics talked about and things that are in trend. You will find casual and well as modern English in those articles. They also refer to the pop culture in today’s times along with the current events. The articles also have a variety of pictures so that it does not bore out the readers.

To begin with, choose the articles in which you are interested. By doing this, you will not just be curious to read it but, you will also be engaged and interested in what you are reading. The article you choose will not bore you. 

After this, try understanding the main idea and tone of that article. Understanding how the words are put and what the writer is trying to convey. The main idea of the story is important and you can understand it only if you are focused on reading it. When you are reading a fun or hilarious article, remember that the tone and message can be sarcastic too, so try understanding them at that point. If you have chosen an article that is funny and cool, the tone of that article will be light-hearted and you will feel as of the writer is directly talking to you. There will be nothing serious.

If you are facing any difficulty in understanding some lines and statements, just skip it and move ahead. Enjoy the rest of the content and don’t forget the photos, as they have meaning too!

If the article is completely difficult to understand, you can jot down new words and phrases and understand them. Then you can make use of them when you have conversations with your friends and close ones. If you are a sole learner, talk to yourself or have a dialogue session with yourself by standing in front of the mirror. Speak out loud and see if you are pronouncing everything correctly.

Apart from this, you can also summarize the article or the story and can narrate it in your own style. See and notice how much you remember from the whole story and check whether what you remember is right or not. 

These were some ways through which you can learn modern English through articles and videos or even TV shows and series. The majority of people use and speak modern English today so it is everywhere and you will always be learning about it every day.