3 interesting secrets of the English Future Tense

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future tense

3 interesting secrets of the English Future Tense

The Future Tense is nothing but it tells you what will happen in the future. For the English language, learning the Future Tense is important. 

What are the secrets of the Future Tense?

  • Have you ever seen that while we speak about the future, we make use of the auxiliary verbs? In short, help and support is provided by the auxiliaries. The main action verb is changed into the future tense with the help of auxiliary verbs.
  • A lot of auxiliary verbs need not be used. The sentences’ meaning will still be the same and correct if you use only one auxiliary verb. 
  • It might sound strange but you can make use of the present tense in order to talk about the future tense. Moreover, you can also make use of the simple present tense and the present continuous tense.

The above-mentioned are a few secrets of the Future Tense that have been spilled so that you make the most out of them.