future tense

The Future Tense is nothing but what will happen in the future. It is something that we can talk about but cannot believe in how our future is going to be. The Future tense is one of the tenses that play a huge role in the English language

Below listed are some of the secrets of the future tense that you must know and you can use them wisely,

  • Have you ever noticed that mostly we use the auxiliary verb while we speak about the future? In short, the auxiliary is something that provides help and support. Auxiliary is nothing but a small helper that plays a good amount of role while you talk in the future tense. The auxiliary verb is a verb that changes the main action verb into the future tense.
  • You don’t need to use a lot of auxiliary verbs. If you just use one of them, the meaning of the sentence will still be the same and it will still be correct. 
  • Did you know that there is one more thing apart from the auxiliary verbs that you can use to talk about the future? It might sound strange but you can use the present tense in order to talk about the future tense. Apart front this, you can also use the simple present tense and the present continuous tense. If you want to make some more specific statements about the future, you can make use of the perfect tense to talk about the same.

The above-mentioned are some of the topmost secrets that have been spilled so that you make the most out of them and can remember them for any statements you make about the future tense!

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