Prefix and Suffix

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Prefix and Suffix

In this post, let us understand the meaning and examples of Prefix and Suffix!


Specific letters that are in relation to particular words are known as Suffixes. They either come prior to the word or after the word. These are letters that are added at the end of a word to change the meaning of the words as well as to ensure that it grammatically fits into the sentence. In contrast to prefixes, suffixes are added to the end of words, and prefixes are added in the beginning.

Prefix and Suffix are collectively known as affixes.

If you are new to this or even if you are an English Language learner, learning about Suffixes and prefixes is a good way to increase your vocabulary. From the view of improving your writing, the most useful and the most commonly used suffix is -ing. This suffix is made in use to form present participles as well as gerunds. Both of these are used to form shorter and better texts.


-able, -ible, -ed, -en, -er, -or, -est, -ful, -ing, -ion, -tion, -ation, -ition, etc.

These suffixes can be used in the formation of words like, comfortable, personal, pumped, nicer, actor, fullest, etc.


On the other hand, prefixes are letters/groups of letters that are added at the start of the word and most prefixes have the same kind of meaning when they are added to several words. The prefixes that add for over 95% of prefixed words are dis-, in-, re-, and un-. In some places, prefixes can also be added to decrease the word count. It improves spelling and vocabulary. We can make use of these prefixes to form words like establishment, autopilot, contradiction, co-founder, etc.


a-, an-, ante-, anti-, auto-, circum-, co-, contr-, etc.

The above-mentioned is the complete meaning of Suffixes and Prefixes and it also makes your English learning easy by improving your spellings and vocabulary too.

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