Elements of Grammar and its importance

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Elements of Grammar and its importance

Firstly, we need to know what grammar is Grammar. It is nothing but a set of rules used in the English language.

SYNTAX is a way in which the sentences are structured.

PHONOLOGY is the language that takes care of the sound.

MORPHOLOGY is the relationship words and the formation of it.

PHONEMICS is the way in which we produce and look at sounds.

SEMANTICS talk about the meaning of words.

PRAGMATICS is the contribution of the context to the meaning.

You must have heard or must have seen the Subject, Object, Predicate, Complement, and Adjuncts.

SUBJECT is talks about the person, animal, thing, or place that do the action in the sentence.

OBJECT is the pronoun, noun, or noun phrase on which the action is performed by the verb

PREDICATE is used to expresses the action of the sentence.

COMPLEMENT is a word that is necessary to complete the meaning of the sentence.

ADJUNCTS are parts of the sentence that even if they are removed, the meaning still stays the same.