It would be next to impossible to understand each other without the help of grammar. As said that the concept of English Grammar is vast, so let us understand the elements of Grammar to achieve a better understanding of the concept. If there were no grammar rules, we couldn’t help each other to improve. No language could exist without grammar. It is fantastic that grammar exists which allows you to understand native English speakers and read the words. This is the main reason why we write, read, listen and speak.

You need to learn everything about grammar along with elements of Grammar and how it is essential to master the language and become a fluent user of the language.

Firstly, we need to know what grammar is. Grammar is nothing but a set of rules which control the sound, words, phrases, and sentences in a language. Grammar is the main system of language upon which your language is based upon. It is the structure of the system. Everything that happens in the language is ruled and controlled by grammar.

The way in which sentences are structured in a language is known as SYNTAX. The language which organizes sound is known as PHONOLOGY.

Relationship words and how they are formed is known as MORPHOLOGY. The way humans produce and perceive sounds is known as PHONEMICS.

SEMANTICS talk about the meaning of words. Lastly, PRAGMATICS is how the context contributes to the meaning.

We use one or more components or elements of Grammar of a language every time we speak, write, read or listen to something. Very often we hear that grammar is the glue that keeps the language alive and together.

Grammar is the skeleton that allows it to have a shape. In order to master your English learning skills, the need to have a strong grammar sense to be fluent in your language. When it comes to learning English, Grammar is very important.

You would go crazy if you had to memorize every single sentence in the English language; hence it is important to learn Grammar. You will avoid mistakes and will speak correctly and fluently if you learn Grammar. It will allow you to say what you really want to say and will help other English speakers understand what you are trying to say. It will not matter if you know thousands of English words but you do not know grammar.

If you don’t know how grammar works, you will not be able to use them. Grammar is what takes you from a beginner to a fluent English speaker.

The four major language skills are listening, reading, writing, and speaking. You will get the whole language if you add vocabulary and grammar to English. You can boost your language skills to the maximum if you use grammar to its fullest. Elements of grammar are known as their building blocks and every grammar consists of such elements. These are the elements of the language we speak every day. We could categorize the elements of English grammar into many parts.

You have to make sure that you do not need to memorize the elements of grammar. These elements help you to get a better understanding of what grammar actually is and the journey you have in front of you to learn it. Every word in the sentence has its own function.

Every language has different sentence formation and different word order rules. You must have heard something about Subject, Object, Predicate, Complement, and Adjunct.

SUBJECT is all about the person, animal, thing, or place which performs the action in the sentence.

OBJECT is the pronoun, noun, or noun phrase on which a verb performs an action. Objects are further divided into three types are Direct, indirect, and prepositional. Direct objects receive the action of the verb directly. Indirect objects are the recipients of the action. Prepositional Objects are ruled by a preposition.

PREDICATE expresses the action of the sentence and it includes the verb and it can also include other core elements.

COMPLEMENT is a word, phrase, or clause that is necessary to complete the meaning of the sentence. Complement is further divided into two types which are subject complement and object complement. Subject complements follow a linking verb and complement the subject of the sentence. Object complements follow a direct object and complement it by describing it.

ADJUNCTS are parts of the sentence that can be removed without affecting the rest of the sentence or its meaning.

What are phrases and clauses?

We build phrases and clauses while we arrange words in a sentence. Phrases are a group of words that go together and express some kind of a concept.

Phrases are of five types:

Noun phrase: It includes a noun and its modifiers, eg: the blue book

Verb phrase: it includes a verb and its modifiers, for eg: were sitting quietly

Prepositional phrases: These are controlled by prepositions, for eg: in the cupboard

Gerund phrases: Gerund phrases start with a gerund, for eg: walking in the morning

Infinitive phrases: These start with an infinitive, for eg: to learn English

CLAUSES, very often, get mistaken for sentences. Sometimes indeed, a sentence has only one clause, but it can also consist of two or more clauses. Clauses are a group of words that consist of a subject and a Predicate.

When clauses are put together, they form a sentence.

Clauses are of two types, Dependent clauses, and Independent clauses. What we call simple sentences are independent clauses and they exist on their own. For eg: She likes the fragrance of a flower. On the other hand, dependent clauses cannot exist on their own. Hence, they need an independent clause to form a complete sentence. For eg; Even though she like the fragrance of a flower.

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