English idioms and all you need to know about it

English idioms and all you need to know about it

English Idioms are nothing but phrases and expressions which are very helpful in English speaking and comprehension.


English Idioms use figurative language which is why they are not highly used in English. Idioms are a type of expression.

You might still be scratching your head (thinking) to understand certain terms of idioms. ‘To scratch one’s head’ is a common idiom that means that you are confused about something. Idioms are expressions that take the place of descriptions.



ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL: You can guess the meaning of this idiom This idiom means that everything is worth it in the end.

TO BEAT AROUND THE BUSH: This idiom is a figurative idiom. It means that you are not delivering your message clearly and that you are not coming to the point. It mostly happens when you don’t want to talk about something You often hear people say, “Don’t beat around the bush, tell me what actually happened!”

As we discussed, idioms describe something totally different than their meaning.

On the other hand, a metaphor is a comparison made for effect and it can usually be understood from individual words. Poets and authors write in descriptive language which is why they use such idioms. It is common for metaphors to make connections between two concepts.

‘It’s raining cats and dogs’ is one of the most famous idioms to be used. If you were unaware of this idiom before, then it might be a little difficult for you to understand its meaning. The meaning of this idiom is ‘it is raining very heavily’.

English idioms are quite an important factor to read in between the lines. In everyday speech, it is natural for English speakers to use idioms without even realizing it. You will have flowing conversations with native speakers once you understand some of the most commonly used idioms.

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