Interrogative Determiners are nothing but sentences that include words like what, which, and whose.

Let us understand with some examples:

  • Whose car did you drive?
  • Whose chocolates are these?
  • What made you do that?
  • What is it that you are thinking?
  • Which book do you want to read?
  • Which bike do you like to ride?

The word ‘whose’ tells us that something belongs to someone or belonging to which person.

For example: They didn’t know whose house it was.

The word ‘what’ asks for information or details that specify something.

For example: What time did you leave?

The word ‘which’ is used to ask for information or details that specify one or more people or things coming from a definite set.

For example: Which car would you drive?

Interrogative determiners come at the beginning of a noun phrase which is why they come in front of an adjective or adjectives.

Let us understand with some examples:

  1. Whose book was stolen?
  2. Whose house was abandoned?
  3. What made you say things like that?
  4. Nobody knows what he was going through.
  5. Everybody asked him which food was the best.
  6. Which hotels have you been to?

Remember that the word ‘whose’ has the power to function as an interrogative as well as a possessive determiner. If we see in this way, the word ‘whose’ is an interrogative possessive determiner. Out of all the determiners, the word ‘whose’ is the only interrogative possessive determiner in the English language.

Also remember that the word ‘whose’ and ‘who’s’ are totally different from each other, both of them have different meanings. 

For example:

  1. I wonder whose house that is.
  2. Kevin who’s not here has a girlfriend. 

This is a short explanation of Interrogative Determiners, we hope that it was easy for you to understand.

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