A Quick Guide to Interrogative Determiners.

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Interrogative Determiners.

A Quick Guide to Interrogative Determiners.

The sentences that ask questions and include words like what, which, and whose are called Interrogative Determiners.

Interrogative Determiners examples

  • Whose car did you drive?
  • Whose bags are these?
  • What made you eat that?
  • What is it that you are reading?
  • Which movie do you want to watch?
  • Which bike do you like to ride?

The word ‘whose’ tells us about ‘belonging’ which means that something belongs to someone or belongs to which person.

For example: They didn’t know whose house it was.

The word ‘what’ asks for information or details that specify a certain thing.

For example: What time did you leave?

The word ‘which’ is used to ask for information or details that specify more than one person or things that come from a particular group/set.

For example: Which truck would you drive?

Let us look at some examples:

  1. Whose keys were stolen?
  2. Whose house was abandoned?
  3. What made you say things like that?
  4. Nobody knows what he was dealing with.
  5. Everybody asked him which hotel was the best.
  6. Which countries have you been to?

Remember that the word ‘whose’ has the potential to function as an interrogative as well as a possessive determiner. If we look carefully, the word ‘whose’ is an interrogative possessive determiner.

Do note that the word ‘whose’ and ‘who’s’ drastically differ from each other, both of them have different meanings. 

For example:

  1. I wonder whose house that is.
  2. Tine who’s not here has a boyfriend. 

This was a short explanation of Interrogative Determiners, we hope that it was easy for you to understand.