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grammar rule



At times, there is a possibility to contain a noun phrase that has NO articles, which is why they are termed as ‘Zero articles. ’The Zero Article’ is also a part of the Determiners which is why it is also named as the Zero Determiner. 

Let us understand this simple concept with some examples,

  1. I need a glass of wine.  – Indefinite Article
  2. I like the Indian cuisine of this restaurant. – Definite article
  3. I eat fish every day. – Zero Article

Now, let us look at:

Zero Article with Plural and Uncountable Nouns

General meaning

  • Bikes, citizens
  • Death, air

Abstract nouns

  • Sadness, dance, literature

Zero Article with Singular and Countable Nouns

People: Kevin, Sheila, Harvey

Places: India, Russia, China, Bangkok, Japan, Singapore, London University, Mars

Streets: Wall Street, Oxford Street

Languages: Hindi, English, Marathi, Russian, Chinese

Academic Subjects: Geography, Mathematics, History, Law

Days, Months: Sunday, December, Thursday, March

Sports, Games: Badminton, Rugby, Football, Hockey

Meals, Food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Routine places: At school, in house, at work

Noun + Number: Room 4, Page 46, Platform 2

Transport or Movement: By car, by bike, by airplane, by helicopter

Newspaper headlines, user guides, notices: Rail accident took place, the celebrity involved in a drug racket


  1. Bikes can be dangerous on rainy days.
  2. We seldom see dedication like that. 
  3. We could see lightning in the sky. 
  4. She gave it to Kevin.
  5. He arrived in Thailand today.
  6. Hindi is such an easy language.
  7. All the students, please turn to page 76.
  8. We usually dine on Sunday
  9. In India, January is quite cold.
  10. We are shifting to Mumbai.
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