Prefixes and Suffixes are not a big part of the English language but they are quite useful for certain words and sentences. The added benefit of using prefixes and Suffixes in your everyday conversation and writing is that it improves your vocabulary and spelling. Improved vocabulary has vast benefits as it makes you smarter and makes you feel more confident while you speak. You get to know more words that help you in improving your knowledge about the language. 

English words are broken down into roots, prefixes, and suffixes. A root word is nothing but a word that exists on its own but it can be modified by the addition of a prefix or suffix or at times it can be modified by using both prefix and suffix.

Prefixes are letters or a group of letters that are added at the beginning of the root word which helps in changing its meaning.

On the other hand, a suffix is a letter or a group of letters that is added to the end of the root word.

The group of words can take you into a whole new world of words and rich vocabulary.

Let us now look at 5 such suffixes that you must know,

able (capable)

Doable – capable of doing something

Noticeable – capable of noticing something

dom (state of being, place)

Boredom – state of being bored

Freedom – state of being free

est (most)

Thinnest – most thin

Fattest – the most fat

hood (state of)

Fatherhood – the state of being a father

Parenthood – the state of being a parent

-ion (action of)

Incompletion – the act of not completing something

Competition – the act of competing

The best way to be the best in prefixes and suffixes is by practicing them.

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