Top 5 English Suffixes you must know!

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Top 5 English Suffixes you must know!

Prefixes and Suffixes are quite essential for particular sentences. By using prefixes and suffixes, you expand your vocabulary tremendously. Improving your vocabulary means that you get to learn more and more words.

Prefixes and suffixes are nothing but words that are broken down till its root level. A root word is a word that is self-existent and it can be altered by using prefixes and suffixes.

The letters that are added at the start of the root word that help in changing the means are called prefixes.

Simultaneously, a suffix is a letter added in end of the root word.

5 suffixes that you must know,

able (capable)

Doable – the capacity to do something

Noticeable – capacity to notice something

dom (state of being, place)

Boredom – being bored

Freedom – being free

est (most)

Thinnest – thin

Fattest – fat

hood (state of)

Fatherhood – stage of being father

Parenthood – stage of being a parent

-ion (action of)

Incompletion – not completing something

Competition – competing