English Wh-questions: Things you should know about Wh-questions

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English Wh-questions: Things you should know about Wh-questions

Not just in English but in all languages, it is important to learn the Wh-questions. Questions lead you to answers, which is highly essential to know things.

Yes/no questions and Wh-questions are two main types of questions and you also get two types of answers for the same.

We also call Yes/no type of questions as closed questions because you don’t have a bigger scope for detail in these questions. On the other hand, we get detailed information as well as detailed answers for the Wh-questions.

Wh-questions can be learned and practiced by having daily conversations and also through online means of learning.

The main words to build questions are ‘who, what, when, where, which, whose, why, and how.’

A Wh-question will be a Wh-question only when the above-mentioned words are included in the question. If not, then that question will not be considered as a Wh-question.

Here are some examples of Wh questions:

  1. What is the name of your class teacher?
  2. How many hours did you study today?
  3. Where have you been from the past 2 days?
  4. Who is your idol?
  5. Which book are you reading?
  6. How about a date today?
  7. How young is your kid?
  8. Whom were you speaking to?
  9. When did you purchase this bag?
  10. How come you went to London?

One last thing you need to remember is that every Wh-question will always end with a question mark.