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Even though you are an advanced English learner, you might need to look at these 3 grammar learning sites that are built just for learners like you. You do not want to lose your language skills, right? Instead, you want to build it even stronger. Being an advanced English learner, you would want to choose such Grammar exercises that could be challenging and it would help you to improve as much as you can! The below-mentioned Grammar learning sites will help you to achieve fluency even faster and they will also help you to understand new grammar topics.

Every language has grammar and it is the support system of any language. In order to become fluent in English, you would want to have a strong hand over grammar and keep on solving exercises. Solving grammar exercises could be really helpful for you.

Let us now look at the three grammar learning sites for advanced English learners,


If you are the one who wants to learn and memorize the concepts in an easy way, then this site is built just for you. They provide you with very basic practice exercises that are in a quiz format and there are 10 such exercises. You can either answer multiple-choice questions or fill in the blanks or you could even point out the grammar mistakes in the quizzes. The best part about this site is that you can re-attempt every quiz again and again until you are satisfied with what you have learned.


This site has grammar exercises that have been collected throughout the internet that would be next to amazing for you! Mostly, this site focuses on your prepositions that are difficult or even confusing. On this site, you will learn about other topics like the verbs that go with prepositions, compound prepositions, and much more. You will have different kinds of exercises from the Agenda web that will always keep you interested and motivated to learn. 


This site is totally unique as you will go beyond online interactive exercises and not just this, but the exercises are way too flexible and they are designed in such a way that will test your overall grammar knowledge too. These exercises are mostly made for teachers but they can be used for learners too. This site offers you different exercises like ‘share your mistakes’ that will allow you to read articles and you will have to pick out incorrect grammar in the article. Other than this, you will have the ‘change the place’ and ‘fill in the blank’ type of exercise.

By solving such interesting exercises, you will not be bored, instead, you will be more interested and excited to keep on learning.

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