It is important that you do grammar through grammar exercises as they are important, fun, and very crucial for any English learner who wants to achieve fluency in English speaking and wants to master the same.

The basic reason for practicing Grammar through exercises is that it is one of the brilliant ways to learn English grammar and by doing exercises you don’t just memorize its rules but you also understand them.

Grammar exercises are much more effective than just learning about them. Just learning grammar would take hours, instead of grammar exercises will build your foundation much stronger and you will remember for a long time.

Grammar exercises will not just save your time but they will help you in remembering concepts and rules much faster and with much effectiveness.

The second thing to remember is that Grammar can be easily checked, whether you are learning in your class or by a private tutor, or even by yourself. You can have immediate feedback for your exercises which will let you know about the mistakes and you can rectify them as and when needed.

You can use online methods of checking your grammar or even the exercises that are available behind grammar textbooks. You do not need to go to private tuitions for tests, instead, you can even do it by yourself.

The best thing about doing grammar exercises all by yourself is that you can keep them for your future reference too. If you are facing problems and difficulties in any grammar topic, you can go through that exercise and can do that again. You can also compare and see if there are any mistakes you’ve made.

These were some answers to your burning questions. Now you can go on with the grammar exercises!

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