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english phrases


Learning English language phrases is a very integral as well as an essential part of English language learning. We use words to talk but we actually use phrases. Usually, when we study a particular language, very often we focus on learning one word at one time. Learning words is equally important as that of learning phrases. On the other hand, it is equally important to learn English phrases, it has lots of benefits too. Phrases are different than what individual words are. 

For example, take the phrase, “apple of my eye.”

This is a metaphorical phrase that means ‘someone who is very dear to me’.

Phrases are a part of our daily lives and using them makes it easier to understand what people hear and vice versa. Normally, such a combination of words is used very often which is why when you keep your ears open, you can hear a lot of them.

Once you are well versed with English phrases, understanding English will become a piece of cake for you.

It makes you read a sentence or a context faster than usual because once you start seeing such phrases as a single unit, you understand their meaning, and it makes you read faster. You will not want to take time to think about each and every word and understand what each of them means, instead, as you keep on reading, you will be able to group some of the words together in phrases.

Once you know what the meaning of a particular phrase is, you will recognize the meaning of it, which means that you will have to spend less time scratching your head. As soon as you increase your pace of practicing phrases, it will come more naturally to you. You will be able to communicate more clearly. Phrases also consist of idioms that would be more meaningful if you try to understand what an idiom is!

Once you know about certain phrases and idioms and you understand what each of them means, you might get a hint of an idea about what the native English speakers think about the world.

One difference between an English language learner and a fluent English speaker is that fluent English speakers know more phrases as compared to learners. They are so well versed with the language that they do not have to think twice about how they speak, it comes naturally to them.

You will need the practice to use phrases in the right way in your daily routine. You could try reading English articles, blogs, and magazines in order to begin your practice to learn phrases. You could write new phrases in your journal or a notebook for your reference. You can understand what they mean and you could create different sentences from the same. 

You may even watch certain Youtube videos in order to learn phrases, hear the conversations, listen to interviews and understand what people are saying and what they are meaning. Probably, you can guess it from their expressions or the look on their face.

Phrases not just helps you to increase your vocabulary but you get along and comfortable while speaking English with your friends or colleagues or even native English speakers.