What are Demonstrative Pronouns and 1 thing you need to improve about it!

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demonstrative pronouns

What are Demonstrative Pronouns and 1 thing you need to improve about it!

A part of the English learning process is the Demonstrative Pronouns which is also a part of Grammar. We hear these types of pronouns in every day in films, TV shows, regular conversations, and songs too.

We make use of words like ‘this’, ‘that’, ‘these’ and ‘those’ in regards with names and nouns to look and sound more natural in our everyday conversations.

Pronouns functions as a noun replacement in any sentence. We use the word ‘Demonstrative’ while we refer to people, objects, distance and space. Simply, we use the word “Demonstrative” to point out to people, things that are far or near.

The meaning of Demonstrative pronouns can be understood by combining both the words. Demonstrative pronouns replace the noun phrase and let’s us know whether things are far or near. Not just this, we also get to know about singular and plural factors of the number, but it does not change with gender.

Demonstrative Pronouns can also be adjectives or pronouns. Nouns are modified by Demonstrative pronouns and are always followed by it. Nouns are replaced by Demonstrative pronouns and they stand independently.

Usually, we can easily replace a noun phrase with a demonstrative pronoun as it is much easier. Demonstrative pronouns and adjectives look almost similar.

‘This, that, these, those, such, none, neither are some of the types of demonstrative pronouns.

It is easy to understand Demonstrative Pronouns and it is much easier to learn them!