The word or words that are added to a  sentence that keeps the meaning unchanged is called Parenthetical Expressions, they provide extra information that might be essential or might not be essential. The sentence would work just the same even if the Parenthetical expression is removed.

There are two types of information in a sentence,

  1. Essential information
  2. Non-essential information

Essential: The college taking money for the fees asked for the admission form.

Non-essential: The woman, hoping to save money, did not buy her favorite dress.

Usually, the non-essential information is separated from the original sentence with the help of commas or any other punctuation. Parenthetical Expressions can be separated into 3 types of punctuations that are ‘commas’, ’round brackets’, and ‘long dashes’.

The usual form of punctuation for parenthetic is commas and if there are two parenthetic in a single sentence, it will be separated by two commas coming one before and one after.

The second most common form of punctuation for parenthetic are the brackets and they can only appear in the middle of a sentence, a sentence will always have two brackets (if any).

The least common form of punctuation for parenthetic is the dashes. There must be two dashes, one in the front and another at the back if the parenthesis is in the middle of the sentence.

For example:

  • Harvey, although he comes from modern society,  is very down to earth.
  • Meera, however, decided to come along.

If you notice in the above-given examples, the parenthetic is in the middle of the sentence and there are opening and closing punctuation marks. A single comma or single dash can be used if the parenthetic is in the beginning or at the end of a sentence. A single bracket cannot be used.

We can easily add the parenthetical expressions’ information, and they can be removed too. It does not destroy the meaning or the grammar of the main sentence.

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