One of the nine parts of speech is the Determiners which include words like the, an this, some, either, my, or whose. There are a few grammatical similarities shared by all determiners.

  • Most of the time, they come in the beginning of a noun phrase, before adjectives.
  • In some way, they determine a noun phrase.
  • Most of them are “mutually exclusive”. A noun phrase cannot contain more than one of the determiners.
  • They are build go in a very specific order if a noun phrase has more than one of them.

Let us understand this with noun phrases, they are considered as the first word in each of the mentioned noun phrases.

  • The cat
  • Those cars
  • Some sea salt
  • Either side of the branch
  • Seven hummingbirds
  • Your youngest brother
  • Which tempo

This was a short explanation for the above topic. They are one important part of the nine parts of speech.

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