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The more words you know, the better! Let’s look at the top 3 ways you can polish your vocabulary and increase your vocabulary horizons. Learning the English language is kind of compulsory these days, as it widens your learning, job, travel and many such opportunities day by day. 

Try to learn words that are basic and simple to understand. Every language has ‘vocabulary’ as its base and the more you know, the merrier it gets. We know how difficult, actually how impossible it is to talk without using any words, right? Even though you know grammar rules and everything about grammar, but you didn’t give any words to speak, would that be worth it?

In order to make your conversations easier and top-notch, doing the English vocabulary lessons is the best way to keep learning and polishing your English. You need new words and phrases in order to keep conversing with people. 

Lets us get to know the top 3 ways you could polish your English vocabulary,

1st way – Try keeping a notebook handy

Yes, the simplest way to polish your vocabulary is to keep a notebook handy. With this, you can jot down every little thing about the language that you learn. It could also include new phrases, words, and ultimately new vocabulary! You could try writing down new words, understand their meanings through dictionaries, and then you could create sentences from the same. Yes, it is just so simple!

Additionally, you would also keep on practicing writing, which is one of the major language skills. Try to create as many new sentences from that word, so that you could know a majority of the possible sentences you could create. The benefit of writing is that it helps you to remember more than you could possibly imagine. By writing down words in your notebook, you will have memorized many of the new words. 

2nd way – Try including new words in your daily context

The second way to polish your vocabulary and its skills is by including the newly learned words in your daily context or even while you talk, pen down daily happenings, etc. There would be no point in learning a new word if you cannot use it anywhere. As you keep adding new words and phrases to your list, the list may become more interesting wherein you yourself will try to add and mix words that fit in sentences. You will put your head into everything once your vocabulary horizons expand and there would be no stopping!

3rd way – Try out various vocabulary exercises

This is the third way of polishing your vocabulary and expand its horizons. In order to make the best out of exercises, you can practice it from as many exercises you may want, it will only add up to your learning. If you get bored from solving those kinds of exercises, you can even create your own exercises and try to solve them. You could even increase the difficulty level in order to challenge yourself. Try experimenting with your imagination and do not get afraid to try out what you have in mind. Going out of the way and creating your own exercise is a brilliant way to add up to your difficulty level and solving it. 

The above mentioned were the top three ways in which you could help yourself in order to polish your English vocabulary and it is not just restricted to external sources, but you could also create something of your own and see how creative you could actually get. Vocabulary helps you in getting better with the English language and getting fluent with it.